29 Questions To Ask Your Hospice Provider

Questions To Ask Hospice Provider

Choosing to pursue hospice care with a loved one is a very personal and stressful decision to make.  Many questions arise throughout the entire process, and some of those questions are difficult to verbalize. As a former hospice volunteer and now CEO of SilverStone Hospice, I want to share some of the questions we find […]

10 Hospice Myths Exposed | Hospice Myth Busters

The first time I heard the word hospice I thought I knew what it meant, looking back, the truth is I had no clue. The first misconception I had was that hospice was a place or a building, the second was that everyone on hospice dies within a few days. I thought that people (and […]

What is Hospice? | Your Questions Answered By SilverStone Hospice

Over and over I like to say that at SilverStone we work with the living, not the dying, especially since hospice has been proven to prolong life for patients who receive these services early enough in their diagnosis, as they tend to receive better care. I believe too often that patients are kept in the […]