Factors That Define a Good Hospice Care Program

Facing a life-limiting illness comes with its fair share of challenges. When hospice care comes in, learning about the illness and juggling between medical appointments can be overwhelming. Choosing the proper hospice care will help your loved one lead a better and happier life regardless of the illness. Some of the qualities you should look for include: Learn information about Dallas, TX.

Specialized Certification

Before choosing a hospice care program, you need to get more information about the clinical staff members. A good team will have specialized training and certification in hospice care. It assures you that you’ll receive a higher level of care from the hospice team. Discover facts about What are The Advantages of Hospice Care.

Stellar Track Record

You do not want to choose a hospice care program with low satisfaction scores. It is vital to check a program’s reviews and testimonials. Feedback from other family members will give you an idea of what to expect. A program with positive reviews and high ratings will be the best bet.

24/7 Availability

A great hospice provides 24/7 support for patients and their loved ones. The team can address any critical issues with the urgency they deserve.


 Choosing hospice care is something you should do with optimal attention. You should ensure that the hospice team is well-trained and has what it takes to provide the best care.

About SilverStone Hospice

SilverStone Hospice

SilverStone Hospice provides choice-centered care during a time when curative measures no longer add quality of life. Services include routine home care, on-call nursing support, respite care for family and caregivers, and bereavement support. Accessible to patients and their families 24 hours a day, each dedicated interdisciplinary patient team includes physician support, registered nurse support, nurse’s aide visits, social work, chaplain, and volunteer support. Serving the Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant counties, SilverStone Hospice brings clinical, financial, emotional, and spiritual support during times of uncertainty. SilverStone Hospice is licensed by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services and certified to participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs; as well as private insurance. For more information, please call 214 954 7285 or visit SilverStone Hospice 


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