Inpatient Hospice Care

What is Inpatient Hospice Care?

For patients living in a nursing home or in assisted living residence, onsite hospice and transitional care is provided. This service provides more focused health care services for those already receiving home hospice care. These inpatient services give the doctors and nurses the resources needed to provide the necessary care for the patient while still being in a comfortable environment.

How Does Inpatient Hospice Care Work?

Inpatient hospice care moves your loved one to a facility in order for them to receive more intensive care as part of their hospice services. Inpatient hospice is often short term and is used by your hospice care provider to treat more advanced symptoms so your loved one can return to the comforts of home.

Your loved one will be transported to a SilverStone Hospice certified inpatient hospice facility by our trained and experienced staff, ensuring that your loved one is taken care of throughout the journey. At the facility, your loved one will receive round the clock health care and pain management. Our facilities are designed to ensure our patients are comfortable and taken care of until they can return home.

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When to Choose Inpatient Hospice Care

If you have a loved one that is already receiving home health care services, palliative care services, or another hospice care service from SilverStone Hospice, inpatient hospice care is an available option. Should your loved one develop more intense symptoms from their illness, it can become too difficult to handle with at-home hospice care. Inpatient hospice ensures that your loved one receives the help that they need before it results in a hospital stay or more issues.

Why Choose SilverStone Hospice?

Quality care is our number one priority. Our team is experienced in all aspects of hospice care and other home health care services. We will do everything in our power to make sure your loved one has every need met.