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SilverStone Hospice, formerly known as Comfort Care Hospice.

Welcome to SilverStone Hospice

What is Hospice?

Hospice care is a type of treatment that focuses on aggressive symptom management for patients who are battling a terminal illness. We offer a team that supports the efforts of families and caregivers to help patients receive a higher quality of life. Hospice doesn’t mean giving up, and it doesn’t mean giving up hope.

SilverStone Hospice provides patient and family-centered care that optimizes quality of life by anticipating, preventing and treating symptoms to bring comfort. Our Board- Certified Medical Directors facilitate a caring environment and lead our team of nurses, aides, spiritual counselors, and social workers to provide comprehensive treatments tailored to meet patients’ needs and desires.

Where is Hospice Care Provided?

SilverStone Hospice ensures you are treated with respect and dignity in the environment you choose to call home. Our team is accessible 24/7.

Who Pays for Hospice Care?

Hospice is covered 100% by Medicare, Medicaid or most private insurances. There are no out-of-pocket expenses to receive your hospice benefit.

Who Can Guide Me Through Hospice and Palliative Care Options?

When you contact us, a member of our clinical team we’ll take you throughyour options and ensure that you or your loved ones get the right level of care. Our mission is to empower families to provide the best care and experience for their loved ones. Our aim is to provide the best options for our patients as we walk with them every step of the way.

The Next Level of Hospice Care

With SilverStone, every patient & family receives access to:

How Do I Know if I need Hospice?

Do these signs look familiar? Talk to a SilverStone Hospice specialist today to learn more.

We are with You Every Step of the Way

We are experts in implementing care, treatment and support beyond the boundaries of medicine to the communities we serve. In addition to your medical needs, we can help with emotional issues, financial concerns, practical problems and lots more. We work closely together to make sure that your care is coordinated and, most importantly, built around you and your family.

Our team is as committed to medical and safety guidelines as it is prepared to advocate on behalf of our patients and their families during challenging times. We are fiercely compassionate as we vigilantly support our patients in their final hours, so that no one dies alone.

SilverStone Hospice provides choice centered hospice care during a time when curative measures no longer add quality of life. Personalized medical care is choosing the highest level of care for you and your loved one.

We look forward to sharing our unique processes grounded in our team’s 60+ years of care experience with you. The care we offer enhances quality of life as we work together to create optimal outcomes for patients and their families.

What makes SilverStone Hospice Unique?

Volunteering, the foundation of how our company originated is the exact same as what started hospice in the United States 50 years ago; our CEO was a vigil volunteer for hospice patients, volunteering became his calling and he bought the company. 

We create tried and true, individualized plans of care that reinforce every patient support system, and we go out of our way to advocate on our patients’ behalf.

We operate with transparency, honor, integrity, and doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. 

We hire a very specific type of person to join SilverStone: Clinically experienced and qualified, consistently provides care filled with compassion, strives to say “yes” to our patients’ needs, to meet them where they are in their journeys, and sees hospice more than just a career, but as a calling. 

We provide palliative care versus curative care as we aggressively treat symptoms. In hospice we don’t get do-overs; we have to get things right every single time, for every single family; and this is how we do things at SilverStone.

Our Team Provides

Our symptom management benefit brings comfort, pain relief, safety, compassion and dignity for you or your loved one. We embrace our opportunity to offer alternative healing therapies, modalities and practices.

Layer 1

Routine Home Care

Layer 2

Crisis Care of
Distress Management

Layer 1

Respite for
Caregiver Relief

Layer 4

24 Hour On-Call
Nursing Support

Your Hospice Team Members Include

Each patient and family receives their own advanced home care support team.


Oversees your plan of care and advises your care team in ways we may best support you during this time.


Visits weekly or more
frequently as needed.


Gives personal care, such as bathing, dressing or assisting with light household chores.


Offers emotional support and helps with hospice care planning, such as living wills, funeral arrangements, and community resources.


Facilitates conversations around transition and provides emotional and spiritual support as well as
grief counseling.


Provides friendship and companionship. Helps with tasks at home. Becomes an extension of the family support system.

"In hospice, we don’t get do-overs; we have to get things right every single time, for every single family; and this is how we do things at SilverStone Hospice."

~Gloria Flack, MSN, RN, SilverStone Administrator

We are with You Every Step of the Way

Top 4 Reasons to Choose SilverStone Hospice

No One Dies Alone Program

Our volunteers are specially trained to wait with our patients as their time of transition draws close. We support our patients as they are in their final 24-48 hours, especially if they live alone and are without family or friends.

Our team is as committed to medical and safety guidelines as it is prepared to advocate on behalf of our loved ones in the midst of challenging times.

We sit bedside and hold the hand of our patients, we read poems to them, we listen to their favorite music as they lay with shallow breath. We master the art of being present beside our patients and are always accessible to the family in the most challenging of circumstances. We are fiercely compassionate and vigilantly support each patient, so that no one dies alone.


“We are so impressed with the full spectrum of SilverStone Hospice services. From Mary, the social worker, to the chaplain, whose words and prayers were so very special. From the first day until today, all the services have been wonderful. A thousand “thank yous” to the SilverStone Hospice staff for all their attentiveness.”
–– A Patient’s Daughter

Patients and families come first.

We empower families. By mirroring the family system, we naturally become an authentic extension of care, love and support. We enable families to confidently provide the best care experience for their loved ones.


SilverStone Hospice provides in-home Hospice support so you can enjoy what matters most to you and your family. Care starts now...

What early assessment looks like:

If you are interested in how you can receive support through our Transitional Care Program, please complete this brief questionnaire: